BE-EDGE for Businesses

“Make Your Case” for Tested-for-Fit  Talents

Companies seeking energetic, committed, and multi-dimensional talent will benefit from adding BE-EDGE to their recruitment and talent development strategies. Applying the book’s methodology, employers can establish a pipeline of proactive candidates that have been tested for their fit to the company’s vision and culture — and their ability to add value.

Launching a “Make Your Case”  competition a natural platform from which to attract and test the talents of people interested in working in your company. Contact us if you need assistance on how to set up the process.

Veteran Engagement

BE-EDGE allows companies to capitalize on veterans’ already accumulated personal, social, and professional capitals.

Instead of expecting veterans to adjust and transit seamlessly to new settings, companies can use the E-D-G-E process to develop a workplace that targets the Built-in Employability of veterans and other accomplished professionals.

Following the steps give veterans a sense of control over their next move, and ensure their built-in abilities are appreciated and utilized. It also lets businesses gain a new edge. Read more about capitalizing on veterans’ built-in employability

If you need assistance in developing a program for veterans, please contact us.

University Engagement

Businesses want to acquire ambitious talent who they can rely on to be attentive in gaining an understanding of their organizations’ complexities, are interested in the opinions of others, loyal, and willing and able to contribute to their employers’ goals. Many hiring professionals are not sure whether younger generations fit well with these objectives.

Universities have specialized programs that interest companies, so companies can define a theme or offer a challenge to work on within capstone courses, internships, or “Make Your Case” competitions.

BE-EDGE establishes a straightforward process with a set of deliverables and rubrics for evaluation. Read more on Businesses vs. Millennials

Corporate University for Built-in Employability

Companies can also apply the BE-EDGE method within their corporate universities for leadership development and talent appreciation, providing a clearly defined process and rubrics for mapping a career trajectory within the company. The most straightforward pathway for a company to apply design thinking to talent pipeline development is to launch a company-, industry-, or challenge-themed “Make Your Case” Competition within the company, or partner with a recruitment agency, pro-veteran organizations, or universities.

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