BE-EDGE for Seasoned Professionals

This book is also for seasoned professionals who dare to ask themselves the “what’s next?” question at any stage of life, specially when the previous career has lost its psychological or financial fit, but a new one yet has to be found.

Others of more advanced age and experience prefer job security over job excitement, but BE-EDGE people feel suffocated or trapped in a previous job, or the job just became simply irrelevant for them.

Similar to Millennials, they are open to opportunities.

Similar to veterans, they know their level of expertise and want to capitalize on it.

Similar to both these groups, they want to craft their employability instead of becoming a traditional job candidate for a traditional job market.

However, unlike Millennials and veterans, they do not have such a support that veterans and college graduates do.



It would be harder to frame the BE-EDGE project without having the platform of capstone projects, internships, or consulting case writing competitions.

However, the same four E-D-G-E steps and the same B-E “built” or crafted, or boutique employability will still work for opportunities that appear every day inside our former or desired organizations.

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