BE-EDGE for Veterans

If you are a veteran, you have already invested a tremendous amount of training, experience, and leadership into your personal, social, and professional capital. You have them all. The problem is that they do not exactly match the structure of the civilian market.

The main purpose of the BE-EDGE method is to provide you with a tool that enhances your crafted employability. Instead of trying to “fit” to a traditional employment process, where you have to give up, or at least de-emphasize your rich and multi-dimensional interests and priorities, you can craft your own employability, emphasizing your own EDGE and connecting it with the market.

In a nutshell, following a step-by-step process, you craft your own employability through visualizing the space that fits you, selecting a company that fits this space, and active proactively in revealing a real-life challenge that this company faces and solving this challenge. It will be YOU who has control over the choice: where, what, and with whom to work in your “what’s next?” next journey.

The book “Crafting Your EDGE for Today’s Job Market” is a set of how-to-instructions, templates, coaching sessions, and examples that allow you to make it happen. Ask your veteran organization or your university to assist you in the BE-EDGE process, and they will be happy to help.
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