BE-EDGE Meaning

What is BE-EDGE?

BE-EDGE is a method and tool to craft your employability. BE-EDGE allows people who are at the “what’s next?” stage in their professional life to create their own space in the job market  through clarifying their edge and establishing trustful and meaningful connections with employers of their choice.

BE-EDGE as a Method:

BE-EDGE is the way of thinking. It refers to the desire and ability of multi-dimensional professionals to create their own, unique space in the market, which makes competition irrelevant. The BE-EDGE method emphasizes a focus on the inner uniqueness of a person (vs. the market demand) as the starting point in shaping his or her own proactive stand in the market.

BE-EDGE as an Instrument:

BE-EDGE contains a sequence of four E-D-G-E actions, through which career crafters invest to their own three capitals – personal capital of clarity and maturity, social capital of trustful connections, and professional capital of proved value.

Contribution to these stages and their capitalization allow a person to craft his or her own built-in employability (BE), which is also called crafted employability or boutique employability. Crafted employability establishes job seeker ownership of the space in the market that they choose and make for themselves.

As the model illustrates, through the stages of Elucidating the Professional CORE, Developing TRUST, Generating VALUE, and Exciting the MARKET, graduates and other job crafters invest to their own personal capital of clarity and maturity in defining the edge, social capital of trustful connections, and professional capital of proved value. They utilize these “capitals” to Establishing PRESENCE. Testimonials 

My book “Crafting Your EDGE for Today’s Job Market” is a step-by-step manual of how you can apply the BE-EDGE method for your own career crafting journey.

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