What is Boutique Employability?

Boutique Employability (BE) is a special type of employability. In the same way a niche market differs from a mass-market or a boutique differs from a department store, boutique employability differs from conventional approaches to employability.

The so-what: 

Boutique Employability is for those who do not want to be just another job seeker.
By defining your space in a company that fits your multidimensional core and showing a targeted employer your Boutique Employability, you can position yourself as more than just another applicant. Boutique Employability is the idea of taking initiative over shaping one’s space in an industry, identifying companies that fit this space, and then using consulting cases as a vehicle that allows you to connect with a company at personal and professional levels.

Boutique Employability is for YOU if you want to take ownership of crafting YOUR edge — the edge that reflects your multidimensional core
and differentiate you from everybody else.

This means the following:


    • MULTIDIMENSIONAL PROFESSIONAL CORE:  You cherish and utilize your built-in skillset and interests instead of trying to fit a one-dimensional job instruction.


    • OWNERSHIP:  You take ownership to define what you do and who you work for instead of letting others choose you and define what you have to do. You utilize your personal, social, and professional capital to make it happen.


    • PERSONAL CAPITAL: You move from multipotentiality to a state of a powerfully elucidated multidimensional core. You are empowered with the clarity and maturity of your vision and sense of the scope of projects you are capable to work on.


    • SOCIAL CAPITAL: You are sincere in your interest in the companies you want to work with. You develop trust with these companies by telling their stories.


  • PROFESSIONAL CAPITAL: You rely on your multidimensional profile to generate value for the companies of your interest. within the industry of your choice


Please watch the 30-sec animation video on the essence of the Boutique Employability and BE-EDGE method behind it.

My passion comes from working with Millennials, veterans, and accomplished professionals who have found themselves at the “What’s next?” stage of their professional lives.

If you find yourself in any of these groups, the BE-EDGE method is for you.


Who Boutique Employability Fits Best


Millennials as Graduates

Many of today’s graduating students are Millennials who, while often thought to be the best-educated generation, are also often perceived to be “unfit” for the traditional job market.

They are multi-taskers, tech-savvy, and interested in rapid career development. They want to make a difference. Their desire is to find or create their own unique space in the job market and be considered as design thinkers and problem solvers. If they don’t find such a space, they withdraw.

If this sounds like you, it may be time to make a proactive effort to change the game. While you are still a student, or if you can use the BE-EDGE method to craft YOUR space, choosing YOUR company, and shaping YOUR space in the market.  Alumni organizations, student clubs, or school projects provide a logical platform for BE-EDGE.


Veterans in Transition to Civilian Life

If you are a veteran, you have already invested a tremendous amount of training, experience, and leadership into your personal, social, and professional capital. You have them all. The problem is that your work experience may not match up well with the structure of the civilian job market.

Following a step-by-step BE-EDGE process, you will craft your own employability through visualizing the space that fits YOU, selecting and connecting with a company that fits YOUR space, and providing a view on solving a company challenge, using YOUR way of working with challenges.

Instead of trying to “fit” to a traditional employment process, you can craft your own EDGE and connect it with the market. It will be YOU who has control over how you answer the question “What’s next?”: where you work,  with whom, and what you do in your “what’s next?” move.


Accomplished Professionals at Career Change

If you are already an accomplished professional, you know that similar to Millennials and veterans, you want to craft your employability instead of becoming a traditional job candidate engaged in a traditional job hunt in a traditional job market. You want to avoid the traditional recruitment process, so you turn to networking, which may or may allow you to capitalize on YOUR edge.

You can apply BE-EDGE to craft your boutique employability, matching or augmenting your “built-in” experience, whether working with a headhunter, a career assessment centers,  or the Alumni Centers of your Alma Mater, or through adult and graduate education. I truly hope my book will help.


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