Shreshthy Mehta (MBA, MS Leadership)
BREWERKZ: The Road Ahead

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 Subject area:                        International Business and International Human Capital  

Region:                                   Asia (Singapore, China, India)

Industry:                                Restaurant Business, Brewery

Company:                              Brewerkz

Timeframe:                          2012

Decision Maker:                Devin Otto Kimble, the owner of the Brewerkz in Singapore

Dilemma:                              By 2012, the Brewerkz restaurant had expanded to four locations in Singapore. Setting up a microbrewery required substantial capital investment and floor space. In a country like Singapore, with an area of less than 300 square miles, Devin Otto Kimble felt establishing more Brewerkz outlets would not be fruitful. He felt Brewerkz had the required presence in the most popular and promising locations of Singapore. Excited about the prospect of exploring other destinations, Devin wondered what to do next.
He thought that it was wise to consider emerging economies with large markets (e.g., India and China). Devin knew that craft beer was available in several parts of Asia, but the concept was still relatively new. Which country would offer maximum returns and growth opportunities?


“Brewerkz: The Road Ahead” as a BE-EDGE Project:


Investment to Personal Capital:

As a student of MS in Leadership with a Concentration in Human Resources, Shreshthy selected the Brewerkz for her BE-EDGE Consulting Case as a stepping stone in her career due to its match to her CORE as a PRO as a “strategic and global thinker in human resource management.”


Investments to Social Capital:

The student collected data on company, industry, and markets through publicly available resources and professional publications. She brought together multiple sources of information to tell a company story and highlight the company’s pride with its exceptional product, service, and innovative concept of operation. She also conducted thorough research on both markets under consideration as potential target markets for Brewerkz. When the case was ready, she submitted the case to Devin Otto Kimble and received his approval and expression of appreciation.


Investment to Professional Capital:

In order to generate value for the company, the student first identified and analyzed external and internal forces that Brewerkz would face while operating in low- and middle-income countries. Then, she critically evaluated and compared options of “Entering China” vs. “Entering India” for company growth and sustainability. She emphasized that a well-developed but highly competitive and fragmented beer market in China would provide different opportunities and challenges than India’s newly emerging, still open, beer market.


The student formulated and justified a global strategy, market entry mode, and business positioning strategy for each of the options. Drawing on her academic specialization in Human Resource Management, the student also prepare an organizational change plan and assessed its role in implementing a market-based strategy in the given context.


Capitals Utilization:

The email from Mr. Kimble, a company lead in Singapore in 2012, boosted the student’s confidence and provided with a powerful testament of her capabilities.  The case also received an award as the “Best Mentored Case” at the Western Casewriters’ Association (2018). It is published in the SAGE Business Case Collection (2019).