Ali Choucri (MBA), Anne Dietterich (GSIB), Victoria Gillern (MBA)
HC Security and Investments Expansion Decision

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Subject area:                     International Business

Region:                                 Middle East (Egypt), Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong)

Industry:                              Financial Services

Company:                           HC Security and Investments

Decision Maker:              Mr. Choucri, CEO

Dilemma:                            The case involved an Egyptian investment company, HC Securities, which was facing challenges related to Egypt’s economic slowdown. Its CEO, Mr. Choucri felt expansion into an Asia-Pacific country could help with the company’s growth and stability. He identified Hong Kong and Singapore as the most compelling locations because of their sophisticated economies and growth potential in the investments industry.


“HS Security and Investment Expansion Decision” as a BE-EDGE Project:


Investment to Personal Capital:               

Three master’s students selected the HC Security for their BE-EDGE Consulting Case. Each of them related to the case as a stepping stone in their careers:

– Ali’s CORE as a PRO: “strategic relationships with corporate partners in financial and real estate services”

– Anne’s CORE as a PRO: “international expansion of B2B and B2C services”

– Victoria’s CORE as a PRO: “internationalization of services”


Investments to Social Capital:

The students collected first-hand data through multiple interviews with the CEO and managers involved in international operations of the company. They conducted thorough industry and market research. They told a company story to highlight the organization’s vision and priorities and the complexity of the international extension challenge that the company faced. Students established a rapport with company managers and learned the industry’s rules of the game.


Investment to Professional Capital:

In order to generate value for the company, the team conducted macro and microeconomic analyses of the locations in question and matched that analyses to priorities and characteristics of the company. The case analysis revealed that the markets of Singapore and Hong Kong provided different opportunities for HC Security and required different global strategies: Singapore might help to outreach Asia-Pacific neighboring markets with a predominantly Muslim population, while Hong Kong might provide access to Asian investors willing to invest in Africa and the Middle East. The team recommended one of the options, formulated business and global strategies and a mode for market entry, and justified their recommendations with a feasibility study


Capitals Utilization:

The students garnered appreciation and praise from the company CEO, including an offer to provide reference letters upon request. They referred to the case as a real-life consulting case in their project portfolio.

The case became a winner in the international Emerald/AABS Case Study Competition; it was presented at the Award Ceremony in Tanzania and awarded with a cash prize. The case was published in the Emerald Business Case Collection.