New Market Research for Northeastern University Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership (GIEL)
Angie Osborn, Meaghan Mahoney, Kristen Giarrusso, Shana Feggins

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Subject area:               Growth Strategy

Region:                          New England, United States

Industry:                      Higher Education

Company:                      The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership (GIEL)


Amy Manley, the Director of Admissions and Marketing for the GIEL program, was faced with the strategic challenge of expanding the outreach of the GIEL program to increase total student enrollment to 50 admitted students.



 Project Relevance/Our Team


  • Kristen: This project is extremely relevant to my career as I work in consulting at a client-service firm. It was great to help assist a client that I know (Angie and her company!) and made the project more fun.
  • Meaghan: I currently work in a client-serving role in which we seek to create valuable solutions for companies, similar to the task at hand for GIEL.
  • Shana: This project allowed me to use my educational background in strategic public relations, knowledge of higher education, and a client I knew well to develop a company case study and consulting report that could be impactful to the organization.
  • Rosa Kondri: BS in Business and MBA Candidate. Masters in Higher Education and Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. Utilized program development and funding strategies to research potential funding options.
  • Angie: This project opened an opportunity for me to directly contribute to my organization at a higher level that I would not normally contribute in my role.


Social Capital: Understanding the Realities of the Organization & Industry


The primary data used in this report was collected directly from the client. Additional data was collected through external research. Several meetings were held with Amy Manley, the primary stakeholder, to establish the full scope and understanding of the GIEL’s challenge, the organization structure, and capabilities and responsibilities of each employee. Interviews were conducted with the following stakeholders: Amy Manley, Director of Admissions and Marketing; Simon Pitts, Director and Institute Head; and Steve Klosterman, Professor of Engineering Leadership. External research was performed to collect data on the market in which GIEL competes in addition to the Higher Education industry in the United States. This data was obtained specifically through internet search and public data analysis.


Generated Value


This analysis will provide GIEL with the strategy necessary to enroll fifty qualified graduate students. The strategies detailed will not only attract additional applicants but continue to scale the organization’s capabilities by leveraging the core capabilities of GIEL to continually increase enrollment year over year.

What’s Next and Project Utilization


• Kristen: Going forward, I can bring Professor Ivy’s strategy approach to my firm’s clients and also my colleagues to teach them what I’ve learned and use in practice.

• Meaghan: I will incorporate the strategic approaches utilized in this project in my work engagements to better assist clients.

• Shana: As a Program Manager at a university, I am currently developing my program’s strategy. The frameworks for innovative thinking and solution creation will assist me with the strategy design.

• Angie: The data collected, the frameworks utilized, and the recommendations that were made in this case are objectives that I can immediately implement in my organization. Professor Ivy’s methods have given me a new set of tools to solve challenges my organization faces.