Victoria Bertussi, Carrera Chao, Raochen Bao, Emmet Clarke

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Subject Area:                          International Business

Region:                                     Hong Kong & Western Europe (Paris or London)

Industry:                                  Restaurant Industry

Company:                                 Silver Koi Restaurants (This is a pseudonym for privacy purposes.)

Decision Makers:                  Henry Clark and Sam Hussein (These are pseudonyms for privacy purposes.)

Dilemma:                      This case analyzes a hospitality group based in Hong Kong called Silver Koi Restaurants, which is looking to expand its market internationally to increase its global influence.  The Co-Founders, Henry Clark and Sam Hussein, are faced with the decision to expand to either Paris, France or London, UK, two of the most popular cities in Europe.  Paris is attractive because of its distinctive dining experience and flourishing economy, while London offers the prospects to connect with a local hotel chain through which they could expand.


“Silver Koi Restaurants Globalization Decision” as a BE-EDGE Project:


Investment to Personal Capital:

Four Northeastern University undergraduate students chose Silver Koi Restaurants for their BE-EDGE consulting case, which furthered their understanding of global industries and boosted their confidence in today’s complex business environment.

  • Carrera’s CORE as a PRO: This case affirmed management as her potential career path and opened the possibility to consulting.
  • Victoria’s CORE as a PRO: Her position as a Co-Team Leader confirmed her desire to own and operate her own company in the future.
  • Emmet’s CORE as a PRO: This case confirmed consulting as his possible career path and led to a desire for similar experiences in the future.
  • Ruochen’s CORE as a PRO: The process of analyzing the market for a particular company laid a good foundation for her to become a risk analyst.


Investment to Social Capital:

As a team, the students developed better communication skills as a large group and learned to work through any necessary accommodations.  Additionally, since the group was so diverse in knowledge and capabilities, the students learned to utilize each member’s individual strengths to reap the most benefit on the group and project as a whole.  They also gained exposure to the professional business world and fostered the ability to successfully and appropriately correspond with company managers.


Investment to Professional Capital:

The team extensively researched the markets in question in order to develop a deeper understanding of the dilemma and use this information to generate a recommendation. In order to craft an analysis, they utilized the PESTLE model, taking into account the politics, economy, social structure, technology, legality, and the environment in their study.  Then, they studied different global strategies and entry modes to determine which ones would be the most appropriate for the market.  Based on the initial research, the team decided on the most lucrative market, determined the global market strategy and entry mode, and formulated a recommendation for globalization.

Capitals Utilization:

One member of the team utilized this project as an experience to reflect back on in both case and behavioral-based interviews during their co-op search. The members of the group valued the project as a tangible consulting case dealing with a real-life company, as opposed to most cases which are hypothetical.  The group is in the process of entering the Case Study Competition and plans to continue to develop this project.