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Crafting The EDGE: Approaching Uncertainty with Determination

By Aqib Rahman, May 29, 2020   In just two months the environment in America has completely transformed.  There are 40 million Americans that have lost their jobs with a unemployment rate of 14.7%.  Many people have been distraught from layoffs while others like me are recent graduates just entering...Read More
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The Effect of Experiential Learning on the Acquisition of Vital Soft Skills

By Gerad Sockol May 15th, 2020                                                          Experiential Learning   Two words that every Northeastern University (“Northeastern”) student sarcastically repeats back in a mocking intonation. And as Northeastern tour guides showcase the Boston campus (albeit virtually in these trying times) whose lush green space juxtaposes the urban chaos yards away,...Read More
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FOR EDUCATORS: Measuring Impact of Capstone Courses on Students’ Employability

By Swapnil Lokhande. Faculty Mentor: Julia Ivy May 14, 2020   The research involves the analysis of the impact of the Capstone program on the employability of the students or job seekers. The fundamental analysis in this research involves the identification of the keywords used by the people (authors) while...Read More
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Crafting Your Edge On Co-op Abroad

By Liz Pereguda May 7, 2020   A research study by IIE Center for Academic Mobility, Research and Impact “Gaining an Employment Edge: The Impact of Study Abroad on 21st Century Skills & Career Prospects in the United States” investigates the connection between study abroad programs and the development of...Read More
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Co-ops and Capstone Courses as Stepping Stones in International Students’ Career Design.
Ivan’s Experience.

By Ivan Todorov May 4, 2020.    After nearly 6 years in Boston, the finishing lines of my academic chapter have been written out. This time was fulfilled with numerous joyful and rewarding moments that boiled the excitement within me for what was upcoming. More than a million international students...Read More
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FOR EDUCATORS: Learning from Students’ Experience of Crafting a Consulting Case with the BE-EDGE Strategy

By Richard Li April 26, 2020   As a graduating student, I’ve noticed how a Harvard Business Review case study is oftentimes a business professor’s best friend. As a business student in college, I find these pieces fascinating and a smart method of instruction; they are incredibly useful windows into...Read More
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FOR GRADUATES: Niche Strategy for My Job Skills:
Boutique Employability in a Chinese Investment Firm

By TL April 27, 2020   In seven days, I will officially be a college graduate. I plan to work in a large investment firm in China. After using the BE-EDGE methodology to analyze the corporate decision of Intuit’s QuickBooks trying to expand its market to China, I realized I...Read More
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FOR STUDENTS & EDUCATORS: Investing in Yourself through Co-ops & Internships

For college students that study business, summer internships are expected, almost mandatory, of anyone entering the industry (of course, there are some exceptions, like entrepreneurs and self-starters). Many students use summer internships to secure their first jobs after graduating from college.   The university I attended, Northeastern University, differentiates itself...Read More
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FOR EDUCATORS: Internship and Co-op as a Triple Capital Investment in Employability

By Swapnil Lokhande. Faculty mentor: Julia Ivy April 19, 2020   The research involves the analysis of EMPLOYERS' PERSPECTIVE on the impact of the internship and coop program on the employability of the students or job seekers. The fundamental analysis in this research involves the identification of the keywords used...Read More
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FOR EDUCATORS: Midlife Career Change. How Colleges Can Help

This post has been invited to be published in The EvoLLLution.    It used to be thought “right” to stay in one career track your whole life, gradually climbing the professional and income ladders of your chosen profession before ultimately retiring to spend time gardening, vacationing, and enjoying the grandchildren....Read More
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ABOUT BE-EDGE: How to Pitch Your “Self-Help” Book

Sales of self-help books reached record levels in the past year, surpassing three million. According to The Guardian, this represents a 20% increase over previous years, “propelling self-improvement or pop psychology into one of the fastest-growing genres of publishing.” According to Publishing Perspectives, self-help books are the world’s bestselling genre. Today, a...Read More
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ABOUT BE-EDGE. 2020 New Year Resolution:
“It’s Time for Your Boutique Employability”

At the beginning of December, a journalist Ian Thomsen contacted me to schedule an interview about my book "Crafting Your EDGE for Today's Job Market" -- the book that equips Millennials, graduates and soon-to-be graduates, with an instrument to craft their Boutique Employability, while they are still in college doing...Read More
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FOR EDUCATORS: Three Starting Points
for the Personal Strategy Coaching

If we want to be professional in dealing with clients that come to us with the "what's next?" question and assure high impact practices, we don’t want to stay shallow at the level of pocketbooks on personal coaching and jump to a list of obvious recommendations.   We first want...Read More
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FOR EDUCATORS. Millennial Mindset on Career Design:
They are Multidimensional!

I have just talked to my friend about her son. Anton is a junior and doing well. He has been accepted for his second internship for a top tech company. It's very likely that after graduation, he will be selected for Silicon Valley for the 100K+ job.  However, this boy...Read More
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FOR EDUCATORS. Millennials’ Employability: What Colleges Miss

By Julia Ivy Nov 11, 2019   Why Millennials go to college, and whether colleges give them what they are expected? Problem:  The IS a problem here.  Millennials, who have proved to be the most college-education interested generation, also is . Historical data concerning educational levels among people 25 to...Read More
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