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The Role of Social Capital in a Community: 5 Things to Prioritize

Considering the analogy of social capital at an individual level; you are always advised that your social circle has a significance influence in your future success in business or career development. On a large scale, the idea transcends to the societal parameters (the network of people and their relationship) that...Read More
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Capitalize on Built-in Employability to Strengthen Your Company’s Competitive Strategies

By Julia Ivy4/8/2020 Companies that honor the competitive strategy of “built-in employability” are able to recalibrate for fast recovery, and even growth, in times when the economy struggles. These companies know to turn to the vast reserve of internal talent represented among staff impact to their competitive strategies. Built-in employability...Read More
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Turn to Multidimensional Employees for Identifying New Business Models 

By Julia Ivy, PhD Companies can find untapped value in their multidimensional employees when working to solve current challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. This involves utilizing a Make Your Case initiative that allows employees to apply their unused skill sets and connections in opening up new ways for their companies to...Read More
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ABOUT BE-EDGE: 2020 New Years’ Resolution: “It’s Time for Your Boutique Employability”

At the beginning of December, Ian Thomsen, a journalist, contacted me to schedule an interview about my book "Crafting Your EDGE for Today's Job Market" -- the book that equips Millennials, graduates, and soon-to-be graduates, with an instrument to craft their Boutique Employability while they are still in college doing...Read More
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Why Don’t We Trust Millennials? Low Trust in the Job Market

In my strategy research, I investigated strategies for navigating low-trust vs. high-trust environments. Why is there such low-trust in Millenials? I learned that when we claim this or that environment as “toxic” or “low-trust,” it’s actually not correct. The same environment might be defined as low-trust and high-trust for different...Read More
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Как найти свое уникальное место на рынке:
BE-EDGE методика Джулии Айви

The article has been published by IPM Business School (in Russian). Link:     На рынке труда появляется все больше специалистов, имеющих не просто высокий уровень квалификации, но и компетенции в разных, иногда не связанных между собой, областях. Таким людям неинтересно обычное  трудоустройство. Им неинтересно подавать резюме и проходить интервью,...Read More
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