The consulting project was yet another way for me to get a hands-on experience of applying the concepts I have learned, especially considering my group chose to explore a very close family friend’s company.  This meant that I was responsible for gathering the necessary data from my connection and I had a large role of responsibility for the project.  This alone taught me how to properly communicate with high-level executives of a company, despite me knowing the said person for my entire life and being as close as family.

It really showed me how the business world operates outside of class and the knowledge I had learned in class helped me outline the project in greater detail and it gave me a solid foundation to pitch the project from.  By the end of the project, I really felt as though I worked for a consulting company on this project.  Ultimately, I felt that the project was a great way to demonstrate the importance that all the little, minute details that we explored in class and that all of the little things must be accounted for in order to successfully evaluate the “going global” decision.  In my future, I can see myself referencing this project.