Capstone Projects for Career Design

How many capstone projects are still a “one more course in the curriculum”? If students are lucky, capstone courses are projects that provide an overview of everything they have studied in the program. It should be different. The capstone must be all about the student career design and readiness. The Capstone Projects must be all about students working on the “what’s next” journey. The capstone must be all about the graduating student’s personal, social, and professional capitals, linked to their career aspiration.

Regardless of the program content, professors and program directors can apply BE-EDGE for designing their capstone courses as a sequence of four meaningful steps for students. Through the E-D-G-E steps, the students will


  • Elucidate their CORE as professionals.


  • Develop TRUST within the industry through empathy to a real-life challenge, attention to details, and soft skills of communication and identification with stakeholders.


  • Generate VALUE and make a difference for a real company that needs it.


  • Excite the market by CONNECTING their unique combination of skills with the uniqueness of challenges they are ready solve.


Please find Testimonials of my former students and a sample of my capstone syllabus.

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