Career Design & Alumna Engagement

Career Center or Alumna Center can engage graduating students and recent graduates

To the career design-oriented Consulting Case Writing Competition. BE-EDGE will provide a clearly defined process and rubrics for such a competition, and will center it in one of the common career design interests of the participants.

The process includes FOUR steps, each of which have clearly defined process and deliverables:

Step 1. Deliverable: CAREER-FOCUSED Application

Step 2: Deliverable: Company CASE

Step 3: Deliverable: CONSULTING Report

Step 4: Deliverable: Exciting judges with CONNECTION

For each of the stages, BE-EDGE provides how-to instructions, examples, and templates.

For students, BE-EDGE connects their career goals with the project that they tackle, and tests the students’ psychological and professional career readiness. The BE-EDGE method lets students take initiative in employer outreach, develop working relationships with a company of their choice, and obtain proof of their skills and competencies.

For alumni, it provides a platform to be participants of the competition to explore new career opportunities, or to serve as an industry partner to explore and connect to a pool of graduating talent.

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