Enrollment to Graduate Programs

When I shared my experience of applying the BE-EDGE Method and the impact it made on career design, a member of the marketing and enrollment team asked me whether we can use it as an instrument to attract people who already have undergraduate degrees and some experience to the “what’s next?” journey. I confirmed that, similar to offering a career-focused capstone to undergraduate students, we can offer a stand-alone course and open it for any person with a college diploma and work experience.

The marketing professional exclaimed, “So, we can reach out to all our undergraduate alumna from around the world of the last 3-7 years and invite them to participate in the Consulting Case Writing Competition for a widely defined theme. It would be good for alumna engagement because alumna can use this experience as a stepping stone in their careers, AND, we can also consider this experience as a stepping stone to their masters program!” All I could say was, “Yes, this would be a good way for us to help them with answering the “what’s next?” challenge and reconnecting with their alma-mater.”

Another senior university professional asked me whether we can help veterans with career design for their “what’s next? challenge and advise them in this journey through our graduate program. Once again, all I could say was “yes, it would work, and it would be right thing to do – for veterans and for the college”.

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