Internships with Impact Measures

Most of the programs and colleges offer internship opportunities to their students, but only a few of them have the benefits that the BE-EDGE Method can provide. These are:

  • A step-by-step Guidefor students and employers.


  • A set ofDeliverables for colleges, students, and companies:


  • a Case Proposal that connects students’ career inspirations with their choice of the company and area of specialization for internships. This is a rich source of students stories and data.


  • a Company Case story that the industry partner will appreciate and share.


  • a Consulting Report that students use as a proof of their skills and experience.


  • a Case Synapsis for college’s project portfolio and students LinkedIn profile.


  • A set ofRubrics for measuring internship impact on the student investment to their personal capital of focus and maturity, social capital of trust and connections, and professional capital of proved value that he or she is capable of contributing. A set of Rubrics for measuring value generated for the client.


  • Digital conversion pathway.


  • Long lasting impactmeasured through a growing database of industry partners, initiated with graduates’ career design interests.


If your program is interested in the BE-EDGE integration and/or digital conversion of internships, please contact us.