About Julia Ivy, Ph.D. Psych, Ph.D. Mgmt

My Passion

I passionately believe that we must better assist well-educated people who face the “What’s next?” challenge.

I categorize these people into two groups: graduates who are Millennials, and career changers, which include accomplished professionals, veterans, and retiring athletes.

These people have made sizable investments in their multidimensional profiles.

They are interested in and ready to craft their own unique edge for today’s job market. I believe we, educators and service, can do more … Specifically:


We teach our graduates to define vision and differentiators for businesses, but we do not equip them with instruments for shaping their own unique and differentiated space in the market.

We teach students to apply design thinking to overcome tough challenges in product design, but we do not teach them to apply design thinking to their OWN career design challenge.

We direct our students to take a strategic approach to a variety of projects, but we do not guide them through making their OWN strategy project.

We send students to internships and connect them with companies, but we do not measure the impact of these placements on students’ personal capital, social capital, and professional capital — the types of capital that they will need for success.

We invite veterans, former athletes, and other accomplished professionals into our programs but, too often, ignore their already accumulated, rich, and highly multidimensional profiles.

When it comes to crafting a professional life, we simply ignore the need for a personal strategy as science and practice that must be as rigorous as any other strategic endeavor.


Snapshot Facts of My Background:

Education: BA in Education, GC in Management (UK), Ph.D. in Psychology (Belarus), Ph.D. in Management (Lancaster University, UK).

Trained and Worked in: United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Australia, Ukraine,  the United States.

Teaching, Coaching, Consulting: IPM Business School (Belarus-Poland-USA), MBS (Russia), International Institute of Business (Ukraine), The Chartered Institute of Marketing (United Kingdom), CCSU, UNH, & UAS  (USA),  Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), VII (Vietnam). Now – Northeastern University (Boston, USA).

Business & Program Development: Director, MS in International Business; Director, Masters in International Management; Executive MBA Director, Vice-President,  Chief of Executive Education Programs, Chair of the Department, Corporate Client Director, Owner of International PSF.

Expertise in case method: SAGE Business Case Collection, Global Business Strategy Series Editor;  Journal of Case Research and Inquiry (JCRI), Special Issue Editor, ten published cases in academic journals and case collections, including Case Research Journal and ET&P, listed in Harver Business Publishing. International and national awards. Mentored 150+ student cases.

Two children. Beagle named Nala. Live in Boston.


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