BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thon 2023 Sparks Transformative Solutions

June 15, 2023 | Hybrid

The BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thon 2023 concluded as a resounding success, leaving participants, sponsors, and clients brimming with satisfaction. The event’s legacy of transformative solutions and collective determination promises a more impactful future.

The inaugural BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thon 2023 was a resounding success, uniting Northeastern University MBA students and visionary Julia Ivy with socially-driven companies seeking transformative solutions. The event brought together extraordinary teams to tackle real-world challenges faced by three inspiring companies.


  1. We Grow Microgreens: With diverse backgrounds, Audrey, Vishva, and John collaborated to propel the company towards sustainability and profitability, utilizing their financial, strategic planning, and engineering expertise.
  2. Community Organizing Alliance (COA): Derek, Sidhant, and Tatiana showcased their talents, with Derek unleashing technology and management integration, Sidhant expanding networks beyond the military, and Tatiana empowering individuals and communities.
  3. Operation Made: Ivan, Lauren, and Natalia ignited impactful ideas, presenting action plans to boost customer engagement, expand networks, and support veteran-owned businesses.


Their collective brilliance and united passion exemplified the spirit of collaboration, leaving a lasting impact on these socially-driven companies. Together, they proved that collaborative problem-solving has the power to drive meaningful change and transform lives.


Watch the video and witness the power of collaborative problem-solving!

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