Apis Alba Ltd. Within the Middle East & Africa

Title: Apis Alba Ltd. Within the Middle East & Africa

Subject Area: Globalization of Markets

Region: United Arab Emirates & Turkey

Industry: Syrups & Sweeteners – Honey

Company: Apis Alba Ltd.

Client: Co-Owners, Olga and Alexander Gavrilik

Dilemma: In the spring of 2021, Apis Alba, a Belarusian producer of honey and bee products, is looking to expand their reach, as growth within Belarus has plateaued due to the region’s economic slowdown. Within the Middle East and Africa, we have identified the United Arab Emirates and Turkey as potential opportunities for market expansion.

Apis Alba Ltd. as a Market Entry Case Analysis and Expansion Decision

Investment to personal capital:

Jaime Cudmore is very interested in holistic health and using honey as a natural remedy.

Kimberleen Toussaint has an interest in economic development within the Middle East and Africa.

Bridget Foley has family from both Turkey and the Greek islands, where an appreciation for honey is ingrained in the culture. She sees this appreciation mirrored by Apis Alba

Gabriela Taveras Honey has been a staple in her lifestyle due to her mixed heritage; therefore, she has a strong appreciation for the passion Olga and Alex share for the benefits of the product.

Investment to social capital:

This case was developed, researched, and written by a team of four part-time MBA students, grouped together by a shared interest in the region of focus. To work effectively, the students were required to coordinate and collaborate on each aspect of the case within their divergent schedules and responsibilities. Throughout the process, the team remained focused on advancing the client’s ability to grow their company. Each student with a deeper understanding of how to work together to reach a common goal of helping

Investment to professional capital:

In our research, we were fortunate to receive answers directly from Olga and Alexander. Information about competitors was obtained through a general search query and we then based potential strategic partnerships on the percent of market share of businesses within the region of choice. Our qualitative analysis such as the PESTLE analysis and comparative analysis identified the ideal market for Apis Alba.

Capitals’ Utilization:

Based on our research, we concluded that Apis Alba should globalize into the Turkish market. The ideal demographic for the products is females between ages 25-34, of which Turkey has a high population. The honey market stands at $208M and is projected to reach $11.16 billion by 2027. Honey is deeply ingrained in the Turkish culture in their cuisine and medicinal practices, which makes them the 2nd largest honey market in the world. We recommend utilizing strategic partnerships to expand their reach in store and online and utilizing a Turkish marketing consultant to best grab the attention of Turkish customers.


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