Apis Alba Looking for New Global Expantion Oppotunties


Title: Apis Alba Looking for New Global Expantion Oppotunties

Subject Area: International Business, Global Expansion Strategy

Company: Apis Alba Ltd

Region: Grodno Region, Poreche, Belarus

Industry: Agriculture Industry – Honey

Timeframe: 2021


In 2021, Olga and Alex Gavrilik, founders of Apis Alba, felt that it was important to further expand their international portfolio for the distribution of their Raw Honey products globally. The company is a family-owned business and wishes to maintain their production and manufacturing in Belarus but is interested in entering new markets to further grow their business through eCommerce or local partnerships in new markets. As a country, Belarus is currently experiencing global political discourse, which has caused a decline in its economy and profitability. Olga and Alex describe the main principles of their business model with the following statement: “We take the very best from the bees, minimum treatment, maximum beneficial properties.” Apis Alba currently exports to a limited number of countries, but due to the declining economy in Belarus and latest political sanctions, they must begin exploring new markets to continue to grow they business and increase their profitability. They have requested that we provide them with strong, compelling recommendations where Apis Alba should expand next, to convince them of their new expansion decision.

After initial analysis, we have determined two possible locations for expansion: newly entering China and expanding deeper into Japan. These two countries currently remain minimally involved in the growing political conflicts with Belarus and are known to have high import and export markets.

Investment to Personal Capital

The team offered a diverse set of expertise and strong personal and professional backgrounds to the table, which led to a concrete base for the consultants as they initiated their research and analysis. Formed by MBA students and one MSA/MBA student, and using their core competencies, the group offered a thourough and solid analysis and recommendation.

Oliver Kwai Ben:

MBA student, utilized international economic consulting to leverage research and analysis.
Jenna Stickel:

MBA student, leveraged management experience and international business expertise.
Michelle Fater:

MBA student, used analytical skills in marketing and technology consulting expertise.
Ryan Brugger:

MBA student, leveraged proven-track management experience and supply chain operations skills.

Ali Price:

MBA/MSA student, leveraged accounting and consulting experience with international management expertise.


Investments to Social Capital

Our team received first hand information about the clients expansion plans from company owner Olga. Addittionaly we performed extensive research on the honey industry and our two suggested markets (China and Japan). We utilized Northeastern University’s resource hub  to complete the majority of this research. Our team then collectively analyzed our research material and material received from the client. Analyzing the material collectively ensured that we were able to derive diverse creative solutions for our client. We then summarized our thoughts using PESTL and SWOT.

Investment to Professional Capital

Using our diverse professional backgrounds, our team was able to analyze these two Asian markets from a number of distinct perspectives. We targeted to add value to Apis Alba’s next business decision by leveraging our experience from international economics to general management and marketing. Inspecting key PESTLE attributes such as Political and Economic when considering the matches between strengths and opportunities and also between weaknesses and threats allowed our team to ultimately recommend the client to expand into the Japanese market.


Capital’s Utilization

Through this project our team was able to have first-hand experience into Global Strategy and what it means to be a consultant to a client that is pursuing globalization. After learning various frameworks and strategies during class; we were able to apply this knowledge and learn how to broaden our research across various countries, narrow down to one country for future expansion, and advise the client of this recommendation appropriately. Although on a much smaller scale, this project was the perfect exercise in teaching us the fundaementals of global expansion and the overall process and framework. Regardless of our future endeavors, this was a great learning experience for all of us to be apart of.


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