Quinn Olson, Joel Poku, Moustafa Abdelaziz, Shruti Patel, Zi Ying Lee, Jiaxin Shen

Title:                        JMO Consulting  Growth Strategy Report

Subject Area:         Corporate strategy for an extension.

Region:                      United States

Industry:                    Management Consulting

Company:                JMO Consulting LLC

Challenge:              On January 15, 2020, JMO Consulting LLC approached Northeastern STRT4501 consulting group 3 about a strategic growth assessment. Given that JMO Consulting was such a small company and could only service a few clients at any given time, the company was primarily concerned with customer targeting and acquisition. Ultimately, two questions had to be answered for our client: 1. What type of customers should be targeted? 2. What strategy should be used to target those customers? To answer these questions for our client, we developed a comprehensive report which included: a) the company case, shaped around the dilemma under consideration b) case analysis and c) strategy formulation and implementation recommendations — up to the action plan and feasibility study.

The Case: Embedding in Business’s Realities

The case portion of the report was developed through our initial assessment which consisted of two primary interviews and three data requests. Interviews were conducted to obtain qualitative
information surrounding JMO’s problem and data requests were sent to obtain quantitative information to support the claims being made in the interviews. The information gathered in the
initial assessment formed the crux of the report.


The Consulting Report: Generating Value

After the case was written, the data gathered during the initial phase of our engagement was used to inform our approach for the analysis section of the report. The following frameworks
and models were utilized as part of our analysis:
1. Market Analysis (national and local) via PESTEL
2. Industry Analysis through Porter’s Five Forces Model and Strategic Group Evaluation
3. Capability Analysis through Core Capabilities/Resource Evaluation

Succeeding a thorough and exhaustive analysis phase, we formulated comprehensive recommendations for our client. For this section the following types of strategies were
recommended: a) general course of action b) positioning strategy c) competitive strategy and d) drivers.

Finally, the report was concluded with an implementation section. Not only were changes to organization structure, processes/controls, and culture recommended, but also detailed
timelines were presented to highlight precise steps for the implementation of our recommendations.


Ultimately, after our work was signed off, the client was extraordinarily satisfied with the
breadth and detail of the strategic growth report which led to an X% increase in clients acquired.


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