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Practical suggestions on how local students can enhance their employability and enrich their personal strategy

By Zui (Jessica) Han 

May 1, 2022


In the context of the globalized economy, most large companies fall in the category of multination companies (MNC) (Barak,2021). Students who want to enhance their employability and maintain a completive advantage needs to understand the importance of diversity and how diversity could bring innovation.

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How to Navigate a Career Change

by Tatsiana Zhalniarkevich


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has never attempted to estimate how often people change careers along their working lives due to the lack of consensus around what exactly is considered a career change. However, it is estimated that people change jobs about six times between ages 18 and 24, two times between ages 25 and 34, three times between ages 35 and 44.

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Crafting Your Edge On Co-op Abroad

By Liz Pereguda

May 7, 2020


A research study by IIE Center for Academic Mobility, Research and Impact Gaining an Employment Edge: The Impact of Study Abroad on 21st Century Skills & Career Prospects in the United States” investigates the connection between study abroad programs and the development of 15 soft and hard skills considered to be most desired by 21st-century employers. The report concludes that in the context of today’s global economy, most college graduates will work for or do business with international companies, including work with diverse colleagues. Hence the professional skills acquired through international programs abroad can be powerful tools for career success.

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