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This experience has given me an insider look at a small business with a unique challenge and incredible potential. It forced me to think outside the box of conventional marketing and business tactics, since this is a new product in a new market. The process of learning the operations and hearing the struggles of Drink Simple prompted me to better assess my go to market strategy and business model with my future business I plan on launching this fall.

Landon  / “Drink Simple” Case

As someone who currently works at a human services nonprofit, I am interested in learning more about the business side of how a nonprofit works. Fashion Revolution USA’s challenge around how to increase fundraising for GenZ and Millennials is interesting and will also give me an opportunity to try out consulting, a potential career I see for myself in the future.

– Amanda  / “Fashion Revolution” Case

This month I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon. This experience fits right in with my career direction given its operational nature and my soon-to-be entry into the consulting world. I am grateful to have had such a relevant, stimulating, and overall fantastic experience working with my teammates, client, and mentors. I could not have asked for a better Boston send-off than working with an organization that is so central to the city’s operation.

Grace / “Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority” Case

I feel deeply connected to this challenge because my goal is to work with startups or small businesses to maximize their potential through providing marketing solutions. I want to accumulate as much experience as possible to hone my consulting skills. I contributed to this project by combining my analytical skills, strategic thinking mindset as well as my knowledge of branding. For me personally, I learned the importance of thinking from the client’s perspective and understand what they value the most. This project reinforced my passion in consulting in small businesses and new ventures. It served as a stepping stone for my personal and professional interests, and I am excited to keep learning from others and be a lifelong learner myself!

Jiabao  / “Drink Simple” Case

I chose to work on Fashion Revolution’s challenge since I had no prior business background in nonprofits and my strong interest in sustainability also aligned with their mission. Overall, the client really loved our solution! Because of this, I’ll be continuing to work with Fashion Revolution USA after the Consult-A-Thon ended to develop an event-based social media campaign for their fall programming.

– Evelina  / “Fashion Revolution” Case

The BE-EDGE consult-a-thon helped me gain confidence in my skillsets as a Business Analytics student. A special mention to my case coach Prof. Julia Ivy who supported me throughout the course and helped me identify and define my core competencies. With the knowledge and experience gained through this experience I am set to take up a career in analysing capabilities and deriving key insights to support business decisions.

– Abhinaya  / “Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority” Case


Working on the HC consulting case gave me confidence to seek strategic partnerships in my own career. As a commercial real estate agent, I have used the skills learned from the case to form alliances with institutional real estate companies and investors.  Working with foreign investors and international companies with an interest in US assets, I have found it very helpful to consider the frameworks discussed in the case when working with my clients.
Ali Choucri
Ali Choucri / HC Security and Investments” Case
The BE-EDGE method helped me even after graduation! In my current work, I have applied the same E-D-G-E steps when worked on solving a challenge of the shrinking market share of traditional bonds. This was not a typical consulting project, but the framework and business ideas I use were the same as what I learned in my final project. These frameworks, the importance of crystallizing my focus, understanding clients, and the ability of design thinking were the cornerstones that were useful for any industry and for any business. What’s more important was to use it flexibly and innovatively.
Junte / “Entering the Emerging Market of Convertible Bonds” Project
The case analysis of Cofem, S.A. to determine the next market for entry really provided the practical focus and basis to catapult my novice interest into a realistic venture. The whole process of implementing appropriate analysis and perspective really hit me as we worked towards the implementation method for the case. It became REAL!  It was that moment that concepts became reality for me, which further increased my interest. What’s next? The dilemma is determining what the current need is, when to act, how to do it, but most importantly are you ready and can you fill the need. Realism is important. Growth and success aren’t guaranteed. But having the courage and resolve to dig deeper, self-reflect, practically analyze, and make an initial move is what it takes to start something special. If nothing else, I realize this initial exposure is a start but there is much more to learn, experiment and apply. I’ve got to put myself into organizations and situations that provide the avenues for continued exposure. Looking forward to continuing that journey.
Jeff / “Cofem, S.A.” Consulting Case
The space I envision for myself in the global market is in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department for a large scale company to make positive, sustainable changes in the large scale. The AYUDA case was an excellent opportunity for me to dive into something that I care about and genuinely try to help an organization that helps others. AYUDA operates in the non-profit space which I am very much interested in. Although healthcare is not a particular field of interest for me, they are contributing to the greater good. I wanted to really understand the issues that those that are in the company face in order to properly come to a recommendation that would actually be viable. One of the most important aspects of being a consultant and a leader is to also be a listener. In the effort to generate value, I did a deep dive of secondary research into the markets of Argentina and Mexico to see if these would be viable options for AYUDA’s next markets. It was important for me to make sure that I give recommendations that were based on supported logic. What’s Next? This project was a perfect example of how I can apply my international business knowledge to organizations that are trying to do work that results in a positive impact on the world. Going forward, I will be able to show potential employers that I have the know-how and skill to be able to do research and recommend strategy backed by this research.
Joshua / “AYUDA” Consulting Case
Being a recent graduate from the undergraduate level, I was absolutely terrified at what the future would hold for me. The biggest driver for me to pursue further education so early on was to feel more secure in myself and my abilities to perform in the career path I wish to pursue. Prior to taking a course with Professor Ivy, I had no idea where to start or how to start defining my path and creating a competitive portfolio of my characteristics. From day one in professor Ivy's program, I knew that I would find these answers. Primarily, I have been using the knowledge of crafting my EDGE to create a more in-demand portfolio for myself that is targeted at the career I want. Much like we learn quite early on in her book, I was able to define my industry, and then ultimately following those steps throughout the semester, I was able to envision myself at the point I want to get to in my career; something I was unable to see before. Also, beyond crafting my EDGE, I purposely chose to complete a second course with professor Ivy as the information from these classes directly enriched my professional goals.
Tamara / MSIM “Beyond Meets” Consulting Case