Tamara, MSIM
“Beyond Meets” Consulting Case

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Being a recent graduate from the undergraduate level, I was absolutely terrified at what the future would hold for me. The biggest driver for me to pursue further education so early on was to feel more secure in myself and my abilities to perform in the career path I wish to pursue. Prior to taking a course with Professor Ivy, I had no idea where to start or how to start defining my path and creating a competitive portfolio of my characteristics. From day one in professor Ivy’s program, I knew that I would find these answers.

Primarily, I have been using the knowledge of crafting my EDGE to create a more in-demand portfolio for myself that is targeted at the career I want. Much like we learn quite early on in her book, I was able to define my industry, and then ultimately following those steps throughout the semester, I was able to envision myself at the point I want to get to in my career; something I was unable to see before. Also, beyond crafting my EDGE, I purposely chose to complete a second course with professor Ivy as the information from these classes directly enriched my professional goals.

I was able to learn more about studying situations, what indicators to focus on, how to correctly use and study analytical tools, how to make sound recommendations and how to implement them too. I also takeaway a lot of international information from class with Professor Ivy. It is always so interesting having a varying set of opinions and professions. I always use bits and pieces and put those towards my personal career path. Overall, I would say the classes are a true guiding force in navigating the launch of my career, the correct targeting and navigation into the industry from early on and then proving my knowledge and capability through the use of information learned in class ultimately ensuing officials in my industry that I am the most suitable candidate with an extremely fitting persona and knowledge base for the position at hand. (All as a result of the be-EDGE method.)