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A community where you can collaborate and network with culturally diverse individuals, stimulate exponential thinking, and establish a strong connection with like-minded individuals and potential employers.

What if…

You had a community of people who share the same background and concerns in their career path?

You had access to streaming and events that help you hone your skills?

You could connect to industry and employers through real consulting cases?

You can meet people like you who are ready to craft their edge in a new market

Ever feel lonely or insecure about starting your career? You’re not alone!

This is what BeEDGE Club is for. Here you will make friends with and get support from driven young talents just like you!

You have access to practical resources to help you succeed in your professional journey 

Connecting yourself with your dream career is a process, we will lead you through every strategy to employability freedom.

You gain hands-on experience in your desired role and industry

The best way get an employer value you is to earn their trust.

The magic happens through BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™, our unique consulting program bridges you and employers.

Ready to start?

Here’s a roadmap of how BeEDGE club

will help you craft your edge

Choose your plan

Is Boutique Employability For You?

$9.99 / month

  • Dr. Julia Ivy’s mini course on Boutique Employability
  • 1-month community access

Gaining Support

$29.99 / month

  • Dr. Julia Ivy’s weekly course on Boutique Employability
  • Community access
  • Circle of trust
  • Additional support – resources/how-to/legal/templates/external connections/hr/etc

Mastering Your Edge


  • Training how to become a certified edge coach
  • Internal connections of coaches / influencers (closed community) 
  •  MASTERS Consult-a-thon ™

Kelsey Li BeEDGE Club Director

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