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Your Boutique Employability for
Your Employability Freedom

The Your Boutique Employabilityintroductory course provides you with the feel of whether “Boutique Employability” is your way of navigating your way in the professional world.

The course illustrates how exactly your Boutique Employability paves your way towards your Employability Freedom.  The course refers to the results of your assessment “Is Boutique Employability For You? (free) and clarifies your options and steps you can follow IF you decide that you want employability freedom

It includes and provides
The “Your BE” mini-course includes “Is Boutique Employability for You? assessment, a series of Dr. Ivy’s video lectures, recommended reading, and an invitation to Becoming EDGE Club if your complete the course. 
Most relevant for
The “Your BE” mini-course is most relevant for people at the what’s next? stage in their professional life, such as graduates or career changers. The course is also relevant for people that feel unsatisfied with the trajectory of their professional life but are not ready yet to make a move. 
It’s just $15! We would love to make it free because we believe in the value of empowerment for employability freedom. But the psychology of engagement says that each of us must commit somehow to start a journey. 

Program # 1: YOUR STRATEGY

Two-course bundle

The “Your STRATEGY” course is a bundle of two courses — E: Your Personal Strategy and E: Your Impression Strategy — that frame your E-D-G-E =BE journey.  You start with answering the personal strategy questions of How do I usually approach my career-related decisions? Who am I as a professional? What space do I want to shape for myself? tp elucidate your professional core. Then, having your strategy in hands, you will work on the power of your voice as a professional. 

It includes and provides
The course provides you with two assessments and their interpretations, 25+ short videos from Dr. Julia Ivy (sample), suggested reading and templates, and examples of “Your Personal Strategy” and “Your Impression Strategy: Message to Employers” deliverables that make you ready for any interviews. 
Most relevant for
The course is most relevant for people that are ready for the “what’s next?” stage in their professional life, but are not sure yet which direction to choose and how to articulate it to themselves and others. 
The price for each “E” and “E” course starts at $350. The packages vary; the course is delivered virtually and as a retreat. Please contact for details.
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Two-course bundle 

The Making Your Consulting Case program unites the D-course on Your Social Strategy and G-course on Your Professional Strategy. You first will learn how to strategically select and write a CASE for connecting with and developing trust within the industry of your choice. Then you learn the art of CONSULTING to signal and justify your ability to generate value.

It includes and provides
The program includes two assessments to measure your social and professional strategies, as well as 42 short video lectures with Dr. Ivy (example), 18 e-books, 15 step-by-step templates, quizzes for self-checking of your progress, and examples of Cases and Consulting Reports.
Most relevant for
The course is most relevant for two groups of people: newcomers that know their strategy (see “Your Strategy” program) and need instruments to implement it, people interested in case writing, and consulting for their professional portfolio. 
The price for each “D” and “G” course starts at $450. The packages vary; the course is delivered virtually or on campus, in partnership with your college or company. Please contact for details.


The Your EDGE course combines the described above options into one cost-effective and logically interconnected bundle of all BE-EDGE assessment, training and coaching sessions. This course mirrors business/corporate strategy programs, but focuses on YOU as the main focus of competitiveness and success. The Your EDGE course answers the most important questions for each of us: “What is my edge as a professional?” and “How can I make my vision of me a reality?”

It includes and provides
As a bundle of BE-EDGE coaching and training, it provides you with all  described above resources. Beyond that, this is a completely holistic offer, which leads you step-by-step through the entire journey of crafting your edge in a desired professional world. 

This is the only  option, after which you are eligible for “Masters” level of BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon and for BE-EDGE Coach certification.

Most relevant for:
The course is most relevant for people, who are serious about crafting their edge for today’s and tomorrow’s professional worlds.
As the smartest solution, this 4-course bundle is more cost-efficient than you buying Programs  # 1 and # 2 separately.