What is BE-EDGE?

What is it?
BE-EDGE is an E-D-G-E=BE sequence of actions for Boutique Employability.
It synchronizes EDGE-CRAFTERS (multidimensional talents) and EMPLOYERS.
EDUCATORS facilitate such synchronization through “Making Your Case” coaching.

So what?
EDGE-CRAFTERS claim their space in the industry of their choice.
EMPLOYERS gain tested-to-fit candidates with proof that they can generate value.
EDUCATORS gain graduates’ employability and employer engagement.

Is it for everybody?
It works for  INDIVIDUALS with multidimensional competencies and willingness to craft their edge.
It works for EMPLOYERS that value personal, social, and professional capital of talents that want to synchronize with this company.
It works for EDUCATORS that invest in experiential learning and employability.


How BE-EDGE Works

EDGE-CRAFTERS, EMPLOYERS, and EDUCATORS synchronize their needs through E-D-G-E actions.
They target and gain B-E, boutique employability, as a perfect match between personal and organizational strategies.


What you as an EDGE CRAFTER do

E: → You Elucidate your core. You choose a  company for your case.

D: → You connect with this company through the case-method.

G: → You use the case-method that you can generate value for this company.

E: →  You excite the industry with a match between your core and industry needs.

How we can assist you: 

→   Assessment of your E, D, G, and E strategies

→  Personal and group case coaching

What you as an EMPLOYER do:

E: → You define a “challenge” multidimensional solutions.

D: → You connect with candidates through the case-method.

G: → You evaluate solutions on their generated value.

E: → You reward value-added solutions with awards, references, or job offers.

How we can assist you:

→ Case-coaching  for your HR managers

→ Consulting in synchronizing talents and organizations

As EDUCATORS, you facilitate
synchronization between EDGE-CRAFTERS and EMPLOYERS
through case coaching:

E: → You assist EDGE-CRAFTERS with their personal strategy of elucidated core

D: → You assist EDGE-CRAFTERS with their social strategy for industry connections.

G: → You assist EDGE-CRAFTERS with their professional strategy for value generation.

E: → You assist EMPLOYERS with case-evaluation for talent acquisition.

How we can assist you: 

→ Workshops on BE-EDGE case-coaching as an instrument for graduates’ employability and employer engagement.

→ Consulting on internships, capstone courses, and standing along “Making Your Case” initiatives.

→ Consulting on accommodating accomplished multidimensional professionals (e.g., veterans, career changers, retirees).


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