2023  BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™:

Northeastern University 

Investing in Students’ Employability through Impact-Driven Consulting Cases

JUNE 2-4 & 9-11, 2023 | Online

Why BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon™?

As Human Resource Management Journal indicates, “In an overcrowded graduate labor market, employers must distinguish between equally qualified graduates to determine ‘standout employability’ (Anderson and Tomlinson, 2021). In the fun, fast-paced, and hackathons-style two-weekends-with-a-week-between boot camp 3-credit course, Dr. Julia Ivy provides Northeastern University students with a BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon method, instrument, and platform that serves this purpose. Following a four-step method, students serve as Case Consultants for organizations that they select as relevant to their vision and goals.

The experience incorporates storytelling and case writing based on market and industry analysis, stakeholder management, resource-based views on organizational strategy, and problem-solving and strategy execution. As an outcome, students can invest in their employability as problem-solvers and consultants and signal that they can align with organizations of their choice at several levels by employing an instrument of Consulting Cases. 

What can they get from this?

Understand sources of standout employability from personal and organizational perspectives.

Assess their psychological and professional readiness for crafting their competitive edge.

Learn and practice the instruments of aligning with employers’ expectations at four levels: personal, social, professional, and the level of shared excitement.

Conduct field research and perform analysis for potential employers at several levels: stakeholder analysis, as well as company, industry, and market analysis.

Learn the craft of case consulting, sharped to craft graduates’ competitive edge.


Making an Impact

Students receive first-hand experience in making an impact at the strategic level of company operation: revealing a challenge, conducting field research, creating a company case, and conducting design thinking for solving the company’s challenge.

Investing In Their Professional Portfolio

Students perform a Consulting Case for a business relevant to their interests, learn new things about the industry and market, explore social entrepreneurship, and craft the edge of their personal strategy.

Getting Ready for Professional Interviews

Students receive a ready-to-present portfolio piece, supported by a recommendation letter and a ready-to-share communication pitch for sharing their case consult experience.


Date Time and goal Reading Activity


06.02 Friday

5:30pm – 9:30pm

CORE: Personal level of synchronization

Chapters 2-3

Recommended: Useful resources for E-stage (online)

Overview. Introduction to the challenges. “My choice” team sign-up. Teamwork.

“My choice” 1 paragraph

“Our Choice” 1-page

06.03 Saturday 9am – 5pm
TRUST: Social level of synchronization

Chapters 4-5

Recommended: Useful resources for D-stage (online)

Role of Case Consultants. Meeting the Case Client. Company’s background  “Our Company”
mini case
06.04 Sunday



Chapter 6 Methodology. Market & industry research. Action plan for June 6-17
06.05 -06.09 Flexible schedule Market & Industry data Data.
06.09 Friday

5:30pm – 9:30pm

VALUE: Professional level of synchronization

Chapter 7

Recommended: Useful resources for G-stage (online)

Overview. Design thinking. Meeting a mentor. Formulating an idea By 9:30pm “Our Idea”
value proposition 1-page statement
06.10 Saturday 9am – 3pm
VALUE: Professional level of synchronization.
 Chapter 8 Design thinking (cont.) Prototype and its testing. Teamwork on PPT. Pitch practice.

By 5pm “Our Solution”


06.11 Sunday


PASSION: Exciting stakeholders

Chapter 9

Recommended: Useful resources for E-stage (online)

Pitch to the Case Client. Client feedback & plans for testing/implementation.
06.12 -06.19

Flexible schedule


Case Brief (for portfolio). Message/email. Reflection By June 19. “My Edge” three submissions


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