Students’ edge refers to their Boutique Employability, which is a perfect match between personal strategies of graduating students and strategic challenges of their potential employers.

Such employability goes beyond the strong academic background, solid coursework, student club engagement, and in-course activities, offered by comparable educational institutions. Boutique employability helps graduates stand apart from other players at the job market and become a choice “one from one” for employers in the industries of their aspirations.

“Each university project must serve as a stepping-stone for students in getting ready for the next chapter in their life. Each of them.

Jeff, MBA student, US Army Veteran

BE-EDGE is a series of instruments to equip educators with a flexible and feasible way to integrate the academic process into students’ investments in their personal strategy for employability.

Through applying the “Crafting Your Edge” instruments, students clarify their personal strategies as upcoming professionals, learn to consider coursework as their employability investments, apply their subject matter expertise for connecting with employers at multiple level.


There are four major reasons why your college should consider the BE-EDGE method

Enhances students’ ownership of a strategic investment in their employability through academic targeted investment in their human capital. 
Attracts career change groups (ie. Military veterans) with the opportunity for them to capitalize on their already invested personal, social, and professional capital.
Investment in the employability rate of your college
Low-budget approach to establish a sustainable system for employer engagement.


We offer a range of options, customized on the needs and situation in your college. Your college can apply BE-EDGE into an existing practice or create a new program with us. See below our currently existing programs. Your college can use any of these packages, or construct your own

College-wide “Investing in Employability“ Program

with a focus on traditional undergraduate students

A sequence of BE-EDGE instruments applied:

  • [Juniors]: Personal assessment and group coaching on students’ Personal Strategy: “Elucidating Your Multidimensional CORE”
  • [Before internships]: Personal assessment and group coaching on students’ Social Strategy: “Developing TRUST in a Professional World”
  • [Juniors or seniors]: Problem-solving and career crafting internships
  • [Capstone]: Assessment and course on Professional Strategy: Generating VALUE “Making Your Case” Consulting Case
  • [Alumni]: BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon engagement and invitation to graduate programs

“Boutique Employability“ Program for a selected group of undergraduate students

(e.g., Dean’s list, honors students, professional fraternity or sorority)

  • [Gateway]: Access to BE-EDGE assessments and coaching on “Your Boutique Employability”, “Your Personal Strategy”,
  • [Through the program]: Access to BE-EDGE assessments and coaching on “Your Social Strategy”, “Your Professional Strategy”, “Your Impression & Empowerment Strategy.”
  • [Through the program]: BeEDGE “Becoming EDGE” club for employment flexibility goals and actions. Access to BE-EDGE retreats, mentors, and goal-centered support groups.
  • [Through the program]: BE-EDGE “Employability” Consult-a-thons to explore and support each dimension of their boutique talents.
  • [Capstone]: Building a portfolio. Graduating Consulting Case for the industry of their choice. Case publication.
  • [Alumni]: BE-EDGE “Masters” Consult-a-thons as university-run business incubators

“Transforming Your EDGE” Program

for adult learners, including market changers (e.g., international students) and career changers (e.g., veterans)

  • [Enrollment and engagement]: BE-EDGE Consult-a-thon
  • [Gateway]: “Your Personal Strategy” assessment and coaching. Masters as stepping-stones pathway
  • [Throughout the course]: Exploration of New Dimensions of Your Core” Consulting Cases.
  • [Capstone]: Portfolio for the “what’s next?” personal strategy career choice.

Community Engagement “Making Your Impact Case” Program

for investing in an inclusive economy

  • Dialogue & workshops on ‘impact as a pathway to employability freedom”
  • A series of “BE-EDGE “Impact” Consult-a-thons
  • “Investing in an Inclusive Economy” series of real-life stories of student connection with unlikely partners


The programs are personally managed by Dr. Julia Ivy, PhD Psych, PhD Mgmt, is a researcher, practitioner and expert on crafting Boutique Employability.

An executive professor at Northeastern University, she works with both graduates and executives facing their “What’s next?” challenge.

Her book Crafting Your Edge for Today’s Job Market: Using the BE-EDGE Method for Consulting Cases and Capstone Projects gained wide coverage in media, received strong reviews and has been been applied to projects for employers in 22 countries.


If you believe that BE-EDGE would be good for your college, please first choose the package that fits your college’s needs best. We will be also glad to design a customized package for your college.

Then, engage a relevant decision maker in your college. Most often these are deans, program directors, career center directors, or community engagement leaders.


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