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BOOK REVIEWS: “Crafting Your Edge for Today’s Job Market

by Clay Burton, Independent Music and Arts (imaai), Inc.


By Jason Hellinburg, GOODREADS

FOR EMPLOYERS: Julia Ivy’s Article for  CareerBright, reposted at ThriveGlobal


CareerBright has more than 300,000 individual visitors monthly

ThriveGlobal: Arianna Huffington’s site with 3.5 mln/month readers


FOR EMPLOYERS & CAREER CRAFTERS/VETERANS: Julia Ivy for Businessing Magazine on Veterans’ Boutique Employability.

FOR CAREER-CRAFTERS/GRADUATES: J.Ivy’s Article for CEOworld Magazine, reposted at ThriveGlobal

CEOWorld has more than 12.4 mln individual visitors each day

Innovative Job Crafting Approach

ThriveGlobal: Arianna Huffington’s site with 3.5 mln/month readers


FOR CAREER-CRAFTERS / GRADUATES: J.Ivy’s Article for Mrs.CareerGirl, reposted at ThriveGlobal

FOR EDUCATORS: The Article for The EvoLLLution

Julia Ivy’s Article for Young Upstarts on
Writing, Pitching, and Publishing Self-Help Books

Interview on the E-D-G-E steps for

US Army War College/ National Security Seminar


Getting Ready for the “Make Your Case” Competition

Lecture #1 – Elucidating a multidimensional CORE –> Finding YOUR Company for YOUR Case

Lecture # 2. Developing TRUST with a Company Case

Make Your Case Competition

Lecture # 3: Generating VALUE with a Consulting Report

BE-EDGE: Generate Value. Consulting Report

Lecture # 4: Exciting the INDUSTRY. Getting Ready for Employers’ Feedback.

BE-EDGE: Excite the Market. Deliver the Case


Client Feedback



BE-EDGE Chronicles