Making Your Consulting Case

Imagine this, you have the power to choose the client or company you work with. No more cookie-cutter assignments; instead, you’re guided to delve into a project that truly resonates with your passions and values. This choice is where transformation begins.

In this program, we recognize the incredible value of hands-on experience, and the autonomy to select your project allows you to explore industries and causes that ignite your enthusiasm. You’re not just crafting a case; you’re shaping the future of a company that matters to you.

Making Your Consulting Case Program


Who is this for?

  • Graduates who are eager to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios and create a strong foundation for their careers.
  • Career changers who looking to transition into the consulting field and gain practical experience to support their new direction.
  • Experienced professionals or seasoned individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and are eager to share their insights while staying engaged and contributing.


What can you expect?

The program “Making Your Consulting Case” is a case consulting session that align with your passions, honing real-world skills through hands-on learning. Benefit from expert guidance and present impactful solutions to actual companies. Our program not only enriches your consulting expertise but also fosters personal and professional growth, establishing lasting connections and showcasing your capabilities in a tangible and meaningful way.


The Details

Choose your own client or company to work with.

Receive specific instructions and templates for case crafting and develop a publishable case with guidance of Dr. Julia Ivy’s BE-EDGE method.

Present well-crafted recommendations to the chosen company that can serve as your portfolio.

○ Option for team collaboration or individual participation.

Success Stories

The AYUDA project was a perfect example of how I can apply my international business knowledge to organizations that are trying to do work that results in a positive impact on the world. Going forward, I will be able to show potential employers that I have the know-how and skill to be able to do research and recommend strategy backed by this research.


My biggest takeaway from the BE-EDGE journey with Dr. Ivy was the experience of interacting with real corporate problems and finding the means to better answer my CEO’s dilemma. The emotion behind researching, interviewing, and feeling that I can add value made this experience so enriching. What is next? I am planning to implement the plan that I suggested, and the company is willing to sponsor my travel and put in place what was written.

Mauricio Rey

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What if I have no prior consulting experience?

Making Your Consulting Case is designed to provide practical experience and skill development, making it suitable for individuals with diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience.

How do I choose a client or company?

How do I get started with the program?

The program is currently under the works but feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team at or contact us at +1 978-736-2557.  We’re here to guide you every step of the way.